tomodachis yeh
{just tell me if you want to be added / get your icon change / be removed etc.}

 This is Amy, she’s Asian just like me. She’s also Mulan.
 This is CC; She’s my IRL friend and really likes Final Fanta-sea. She’s also Rin.
 This is Shep, she’s been my online friend since forever. She’s also Jack Frost.
 This is Lizzy; she lives in England (like me) and is very cool. She’s also Davesprite. 
 This is Kimi; she’s a really good artist and loves the colour blue. She’s also very cool.
 This is Alex; he’s really nice and super cool. He’s also a Pidove at night. 
 This is Pao; she’s really lovely and makes me laugh a lot. She might also be an Audino.
 This is Elisabeth (not Elizabeth), I have much to say about her click here.    
 This is Steven. He’s funny and likes to draw. He also likes them hard; rocks, I mean. 
 This is Reddo; She’s really cute and a really nice person. She’s also Austsun.. 
 This is Tess; she’s really nice and the mod of PTN. She’s also an Eevee in secret.
 This is Sammy; he’s an absolute cutie patootie. He’s also a Drifloon(!!!)
 This is Simmy; She’s super funny and a total butt to me. She’s also Morgiana. 

Katelyn; I recently got to know her, but she’s super cool and her blog’s super nice (and pretty). 

Zee; (Zeo) Ahh, I recently got to know her, too! She’s really cute and sweet and also recently joined tums, so go say hi!

(Yayayay; I think this’ll be enough mayhaps… My ask is always open if you want to be added here! (Though, y’know, we need to have talked a bit before that… Yeah…) 26/01/2013 Updated URLs 22/02/2013)

GLM tomos;

{Haha, sorry guys, I’d give you all icons but I wouldn’t know where to start ;w; But these people are really awesome! Check them out, they’re all quality uvu}

Archer, Caitlin, Chewy, Falkner, Janini, Jazz, Kris, Roobie (da Boobie), Riri (I don’t know her URL ;w;) , Skyra, TouyaHeiWilan, Whit